Messy Bed, Messy Head

Do you make your bed every morning?  I have to admit that I never really have.  I’m not a morning person, and the thought of having to do one more thing upon waking up (sometimes I don’t have enough time to even eat breakfast!) is not very appealing to me.

But I had a change of heart after reading a passage from It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken (which I previously mentioned here), where the author Greg Behrendt says:

“After my breakup, some new friends and I were talking over coffee one day.  The topic was “What’s the corniest cliche that you actually live by?” Mine was “No pain, no gain” or some dumb variation on that, because I was still in the process of working through the remnants of my heartbreak.  But then Doug, an ex-football player/sometimes actor/full-time bartender buddy of mine said, “Messy bed, messy head.”  Really?  Messy bed, messy head?  Is that Dr. Seuss?  We all laughed about it, but sure as shit, the next day I looked down at my futon as I was leaving and thought, “Messy bed, messy head.”  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  The chaos of my unmade bed, my bedroom–and my apartment, for that matter– was directly related to the chaos in my head.”

Ever since I read that passage, whenever I feel like I’m stressing out, I glance over at my bed.  Surely enough, it’s not made.

I love hearing little tips like these, even if they sound cliche, because personally?  I could always use more productivity and organization in my life.  Besides, it just feels better when you know that if all else fails, by making your bed, you at least got one thing done that day.

So, for some additional bed-making inspiration, I present to you, some beautifully made beds:


To me, this is the ultimate girl fantasy bed.  Pinks, whites, flowers, wallpaper, and that headboard.  I might actually never get out of bed if this were mine.


I love this contemporary room, with the crisp white, but not too perfect duvet and really comfy-looking throw/blanket.


Okay, so this bed isn’t exactly made.  But it’s cozy, and clearly someone (obviously not the stylist because this is my fantasy) had it together enough to put together a tray of French press coffee.


Image sources: The Cross Decor & Design / Andrew Meredith / the jewels of new york – thank you to Sara for sourcing the last image!)

Young House Love Lighting Fixtures

I’m a big fan of bloggers doing big things.  From book deals to conferences to projects and products, it’s so neat to be able to follow someone’s progress from the early days of their blog to their moments of awesome success.  So when I read that Sherry and John Petersik of Young House Love had come out with a lighting collection, I was really intrigued.  I hadn’t seen anyone do anything quite like it yet.

When I actually saw the collection, I was really impressed!  The Petersiks wanted the collection to be affordable, pricing everything at under $99.  In addition to the price point, I’m especially drawn to the simple shapes and overall design of the fixtures.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Young House Love Lighting

Farmhouse pendant ($69)

Loving the pink.  My favorite of the bunch.

Young House Love Lighting 2Bubble Glass Pendant ($49.00)

Super pretty and clear.

Young House Love Lighting 3

Large Wire Globe Lantern (available in 7 colors) ($89)

Can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I like it!

One of my favorite things about YHL is how they blog the behind-the-scenes and the process of how things came together.  You can read more about their lighting saga here.

Something’s Gotta Give Interiors

Last week I posted the interiors for White Collar, and who knew just around the corner of Netflix I’d find more drool-worthy set design?

I’d always heard that Director Nancy Meyers used beautiful sets in her films (The cafe in It’s Complicated almost made my heart stop.  I was heartbroken when I learned it wasn’t real), but I’m now convinced she’s a genius.  I want to live in all of her movies.

The other night, I put on Something’s Gotta Give, because I’d never seen it before.  Tell me these sets aren’t amazing.  I dare you.

Something's Gotta Give

From the opening scene I knew.  That striped rug.  The overstuffed upholstery.  Those drapes on THOSE WINDOWS.

Something's Gotta Give3

Diane Keaton’s character has a beautiful house overall.  But it’s that shelf with the salts and oils, and the cookbooks that had me at hello.

Something's Gotta Give 4

We all know how I feel about libraries.  This one’s a winner.

Something's Gotta Give 5

The master bedroom with working nook, with those French doors, wooden floors, and view to the sea.

Something's Gotta Give 6

I love little corners like this.  The chair that looks like someone actually sits in it, the little tarnished silver vase with white flowers.  Books that look nice, but aren’t too perfect.

Something's Gotta Give 7

The living room from another angle, late afternoon.  Another throw over the chair, that shabby chic clock, the whites and the blues.

Something's Gotta Give 2

I couldn’t resist throwing in a still of the market.  I love the prominently displayed produce, breads, and cheese counter.  The stuff dreams are made of.

Have you seen any shows or films lately whose interiors struck you?  How about exteriors?  I’d love to hear!

Library Ladders

I’m very taken with library ladders as the moment.  You know what I mean.  I know you’ve seen Beauty & The Beast…

belle library ladder

Yes, I am imagining myself as Belle right now.

libary ladder

Books and bookcases just feel magical to me.  So much knowledge, right there, tangibly on a shelf.  Colorful spines and wonderful little knick knacks.

library ladder 3

The thought of having so many books that you need a ladder?  Be still my heart.  Seriously.  I also love that you can make it work in both traditional and modern spaces.

library ladder 2

Like woah, right?

Library ladder?  So going in my next place.

White Collar Interiors

Have you seen White Collar?  When my friend asked if I had seen it, I looked at him funny.  Why would I watch a dude show made for dudes?

Well, turns out my close-mindedness was missing out on the awesomeness that is this show.  I am obsessed.  It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and it allows you to stare at Matt Bomer’s face for a full hour.

I also found myself swooning over the set design in Neal Caffrey (played by Bomer)’s apartment and I couldn’t resist some screen captures to share.


(Those bookcases!)

The show is about an art thief (Caffrey) who is twice caught by a FBI agent in the White Collar Crimes devision.  In exchange for his [relative] freedom (he has to wear a tracking devise at all times and stay within a 2.2 mile radius), he has to work as a consultant to the FBI for four years.


(His bedroom is awesomely right off of the living room!  In a nook!)

Caffrey agrees to the terms because he is desperate to find the girl he loves, who mysteriously decides to leave him after a final visit while he’s in prison, and Caffrey believes she was forced to by someone on the outside.


(His classic, yet retro kitchen!)

Caffrey moves into this amazing apartment, which is part of a larger home owned by a widow, June.  He and his super sleuth friend Mozzie (who is laugh out loud funny) help solve cases for the FBI while secretly tracing Kate, the mysterious girlfriend.


(Those windows and skyline!  Those floors!)

Neal’s apartment is full of books, large windows, wooden, classic, and masculine elements.  I seriously would live there in a heartbeat.


I am thoroughly addicted to this show (I just started the second season on Netflix streaming), and to Neal Caffrey’s wit.  And his charm.  And his face.  That last picture was obviously just so we can all stare.

Other reasons to tune in: Caffrey’s relationship with his FBI agent partner Peter Burke, his partner’s relationship with his wife (Tiffani  Thiessen from Saved By the Bell– I actually really love her character, which surprised me), and best of all– his hilarious and quirky sleuth friend Mozzie (Willie Garson aka Stanford Blatch from Sex and the City!).


As an aside– There has also been a lot of buzz surrounding Bomer’s potential portrayal of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades movies.  Watching this show has done nothing if not convinced me that he is 100% right for that role.  Now every time I see him I’m like, “It’s Christian Grey!  It’s Christian freaking Grey!”.

Yes, it’s true.  I’ve read them all.  NO SHAME IN MY GAME.