Something’s Gotta Give Interiors

Last week I posted the interiors for White Collar, and who knew just around the corner of Netflix I’d find more drool-worthy set design?

I’d always heard that Director Nancy Meyers used beautiful sets in her films (The cafe in It’s Complicated almost made my heart stop.  I was heartbroken when I learned it wasn’t real), but I’m now convinced she’s a genius.  I want to live in all of her movies.

The other night, I put on Something’s Gotta Give, because I’d never seen it before.  Tell me these sets aren’t amazing.  I dare you.

Something's Gotta Give

From the opening scene I knew.  That striped rug.  The overstuffed upholstery.  Those drapes on THOSE WINDOWS.

Something's Gotta Give3

Diane Keaton’s character has a beautiful house overall.  But it’s that shelf with the salts and oils, and the cookbooks that had me at hello.

Something's Gotta Give 4

We all know how I feel about libraries.  This one’s a winner.

Something's Gotta Give 5

The master bedroom with working nook, with those French doors, wooden floors, and view to the sea.

Something's Gotta Give 6

I love little corners like this.  The chair that looks like someone actually sits in it, the little tarnished silver vase with white flowers.  Books that look nice, but aren’t too perfect.

Something's Gotta Give 7

The living room from another angle, late afternoon.  Another throw over the chair, that shabby chic clock, the whites and the blues.

Something's Gotta Give 2

I couldn’t resist throwing in a still of the market.  I love the prominently displayed produce, breads, and cheese counter.  The stuff dreams are made of.

Have you seen any shows or films lately whose interiors struck you?  How about exteriors?  I’d love to hear!

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