I’ve Moved!

Hi friends! Didn’t mean to disappear on you.  I had to migrate the site over to a new host, so this site is now just a plain wordpress.com site and won’t be updated anymore.  Be sure to update your bookmarks/RSS to:


There are a couple of posts there already, so hope to see you there!



Weekly Roundup

open sky

A patch of pretty blue sky.

trader joe sundae

Sundaes made from Trader Joe’s ingredients for Father’s Day– vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, candied pecans, and two little chewy chocolate chip cookies.

joyce chai

A card from the wonderfully talented Joyce Chai.  Joyce does beautiful lettering (that’s my name in her handwriting!), which she often posts on her instagram here (in addition to gorgeous photos).

open this little book

Look whose book I found at the local bookstore!  That would be Miss Jesse Klausmeier’s Open This Little Book!  (Remember her interview?) So very cool.

tiny yellow flower

Was going down the front porch stairs, and saw this little flower poking through.  Made me happy.


Back to my Friday five!  This week we were lucky enough to get a few days of sunshine, so I l felt very lucky to spend some sunny afternoons in a hammock (which was actually a gift my dad got for Father’s Day and he was nice enough to share).  If you’ve never been in a hammock (I hadn’t), they are amazing!  Even more amazing is bringing out a pillow to rest your head on and dragging a side-table over to place your snacks and drink on.  Because snacks are the best part!

I hope you had a great week and a fun weekend planned.  Monster’s University is being released today, so I think I know where I’ll be!  Pixar fo life!

See you here on Monday!

Do You Have a Doppelganger?

I was at the grocery store in the checkout line today, when the cashier turned to me and exclaimed, “You look like…!”

He stopped while he tried to remember the name.

“…that girl from Smallville!”

kristin kreuk

I laughed because before he even said it I knew what he was going to say.

Ever since high school, if anyone’s ever said I look like someone, it’s always been Kristin Kreuk.  It honestly makes me happy though because it’s someone I really like!  I can kind of see it– maybe it’s the forehead?  And that we’re both half Asian?  I don’t know.

Other than Kreuk, in the past I’ve also gotten Lindsay Price (from Lipstick Jungle) on a couple of occasions.  I wish!

It made me curious about doppelgangers, so I asked the cashier if people told him he looked like anyone.  “Tobey Maguire.  At least once a day”.

As soon as he said it I could totally see it!  What’s really funny though, is that he told me that his wife is ironically not attracted to Toby Maguire at all!  Hahaha.  I guess some people just see it and others don’t.


Do you have a doppelganger?  Who do people tell you that you look like?

What to Watch on Netflix– Part 2

Back in February, I did a roundup of shows and movies that I think are worth watching on Netflix.  Since the content is regularly updated, I figured it’s time for an update!

Here’s what I’ve been watching:


The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 through 3– Okay, so until now I hadn’t jumped on the whole vampire/werewolves/supernatural bandwagon (aside from Buffy, which was basically a million years ago).  I’ve never seen Twilight or any other recent vampire show/movie.  BUT.  BIG BUT.  The Vampire Diaries (forgive the forthcoming pun) totally SUCKED ME IN.  Every episode, every season.  I realize that I’m not a teenager, but I don’t care!

I had been interested in watching True Blood, but heard it’s pretty violent, and I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to violence.  So I figured that Vampire Diaries, being on The CW would be really tame.  Wrong!  I was actually pretty surprised at the level of violence on the show.  I mean, for a show on CW, it takes it much further than Buffy ever did.  Somehow, though, it manages not to cross the WTF line (okay, maybe once or twice, but more shock than violence).

The basic premise is that Continue reading

Weekly Roundup


My brother hooked it up with some zaru soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles served with cold broth).


I know, three weeks with just one photo on my weekly roundups!  For shame.  Promise that will change soon.

Did you know that summer officially starts next Friday?  Mentally I’ve been in summer mode for a while now because the weather has been so good here.  We’ve already been out BBQ-ing, kids have been getting out of school and graduating, and the town has just been generally livelier with the increase in sunny days.  Summer really is when the Northwest shines the most– figuratively and literally.  The scenery is spectacular and there is little more beautiful than the bay gleaming in the early morning and late afternoon.

I hope you have fun plans this weekend, and I’ll see you here on Monday!